Meet Rebecca Hawkins

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Rebecca Hawkins

Job Title: Lawyer, arbitrator, mediator, parenting coordinator and family law supervisor
Firm: Family Solutions Now

Rebecca is a lawyer, arbitrator, mediator, parenting co-ordinator and family law supervisor, and known as a vocal advocate for non court resolution. She has an active legal aid and private mediation practice regularly managing high conflict cases and is an experienced collaborative practitioner.

She is an accredited mediator mediating in the South of England and sits on the Family Mediation Council’s Legal Aid Working Party, as well as Resolution’s Litigant in Person, Legal Aid committees and the Resolution Mediation Working Party.

Rebecca has spoken at Resolution National Conference on the subject of Legal Aid, which she is passionate about, and speaks regularly to groups and POD’s about how to develop an integrated practice.

Rebecca co-presents the eight-day Resolution Mediation Foundation course and has written and presented non court resolution courses on the effects of conflict, separation and divorce on children, trauma informed practice as well as workshops for staff in a supporting role in family law and mediation.

Rebecca co-wrote the Changing Lives and the New Foundations Programmes, both of which aimed to improve communications and reduce parental conflict, and delivered them having won funding from the DWP in 2014 and 2018 respectively.  Her firm contributed to the ‘Voice of the Child’ report.  Rebecca is currently involved in working with Local Authorities to develop programmes to support parents and kinship carers, and in Child Protection cases.

As an accredited Child Inclusive Mediator, Rebecca assists her clients, and mediators nationally, in hearing from children involved in separation.

Rebecca works closely with local NACCC Contact Centres, having chaired her local centre for many years and provides pro bono supervision and support to Tidal Family Support Centre on the Isle of Wight.

Her academic and professional background is in Business and Law and Rebecca has worked in a variety of non legal settings, as well as in private practice. Rebecca has a keen interest in conflict management.