Brave enough to be it

With stress and wellbeing issues reaching frightening levels in the profession, we must acknowledge our fears and vulnerability if we are to make crucial and lasting changes

Focus on wellbeing

In the first of a series of perspectives on lawyer (and client) wellbeing, Louisa Whitney of LKW Family Mediation reflects on the rise of the concept and how it works in practice

Spotlight on wellbeing

A key theme of this year’s Resolution National Conference was wellbeing. We are all currently wel...

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Workplace trauma

“Trauma does not just happen to other people - it happens to us, our friends and family and our n...

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A space to reflect

Reflective practice gives us time and space to understand how we are really feeling and how famil...

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Spotlight Series: Reflective Practice

Part of the Spotlight Series, this 2.5 hour online session with Gillian Bishop, Danielle Barbereau, Chris Mills and Jane McCann will consider a range of reflective practice options that can support the wellbeing of family practitioners.

Spotlight Series: Vicarious Trauma

Part of the Spotlight Series, this 2.5 hour online session with Robyn Bradey, Joanna Fleck and Rachel Francis will tackle the key issue in the wellbeing of family practitioners: managing vicarious trauma.

Recognising and managing traumatic impact

This online 3-hour session, with trauma specialist and psychotherapist, Donna Butler, considers how to manage trauma in the workplace - both for those you work with and also how to look after yourself.

Ornamental Arabic lanterns, burning candles glowing at night. Plate with date fruit on the table. Golden festive greeting card, invitation for Muslim Ramadan Kareem holiday, iftar dinner background.

Ramadan, working and fasting during Covid-19 – again…

In terms of religious festivities this April, the three main monotheistic faiths will each be observing a particular element which involves discipline and focus. Christians worldwide will be observing Easter. Members of the Jewish faith will be observing Passover.

Well-being and the family courts

With the court system creaking with the strain of under-resource and Covid-19, looking out for each others’ well-being is more important than ever.

Focusing The Legal Mind – Mark Randall

Mark Randall uses his 40 years of experience using mindfulness based techniques to reset, refresh and re-calibrate himself whilst working in highly stressful, unpredictable and complex trading environments.