How will my assignments be marked?

Assignments are marked on an anonymous basis. You will be given a candidate number, this will remain the only form of identification throughout. The assessors will not be shown any material with a candidate's name on it at any time during the assessment process.

If your assignments show any details that could identify you, your firm or a client, this will result in an automatic fail.

Assessors will mark assignments against the Core Competency Units and Porfolio Competency Units. The questions you are asked will address as many of the competencies as possible. If a competency is not tested in the questions, then the marking will be adjusted.

When you complete the Core assignment you are expected to have a general knowledge and understanding of the competencies. If there are areas of practice you don’t normally undertake you will need demonstrate your ability to research those areas and show you know where you would seek more detailed advice or information.

When completing the Portfolio assignments, you need to demonstrate as many of the competencies as you can across the entirety of your answers to the case study questions and you own case accounts.

Assessment will be made on a pass/fail basis.

Core assignments are double marked. If there is a discrepancy between the two marks, the assignment is failed, or a paper receives a borderline mark it will be referred to an independent moderator. If the moderator fails the paper, it will be sent to the Head of Standards for final marking. The decision of the Head of Standards is final.

If an assessor fails a Portfolio assignment it will be sent to the independent moderator. The decision of the moderator is final.