When does Resolution revoke accreditation?

In extreme circumstances Resolution can revoke accreditation.

The Specialist Accreditation Committee will consider taking accreditation away if:

  1. An Accredited Specialist does not meet the conditions for maintaining accreditation.
  2. An Accredited Specialist has deliberately misrepresented their eligibility for accreditation (or reaccreditation), or has cheated during the assessment process, or has committed any other form of misconduct as part of the accreditation process.
  3. A complaint is received by Resolution and the Practice Standards Panel decides the specialist has acted in breach of Resolution’s Code of Practice, or their conduct may bring Resolution or the accreditation scheme into disrepute.
  4. A complaint is upheld by your regulator or ombudsman or the specialist has acted in serious breach of their regulator’s requirements. In this instance the matter will be referred to Resolution’s Practice Standards Panel. The panel can take accreditation away, suspend membership or terminate membership, in line with the Complaints Policy. Accredited Specialists must inform Resolution if they are the subject of a complaint to their regulator or Ombudsman.
  5. The Accredited Specialist has been struck off or suspended from the register of their regulator.

An Accredited Specialist whose accreditation is revoked must immediately discontinue holding herself or himself out as an Accredited Specialist and may not reapply for accreditation for 12 months.