How do I reaccredit?

Resolution Specialist Accreditation lasts for three years. When you're asked to reaccredit, you will be given information about the requirements.

You will need to:

  • Have maintained membership of Resolution
  • Submit a reflective case account from a case completed in the 12 months preceding your reaccreditation in each of the specialist areas of accreditation you hold (max. 2,100 words per account).
  • Submit an anonymised and redacted client advice letter or jointly advised report written by you from a case in each of your specialist areas. Client letters must include examples of specific advice provided to that client about their situation). This should demonstrate your continuing adherence to Resolution’s Code and standards of good practice generally.
  • Provide a summary of your continuing learning, development and competence for the period since you passed your accreditation or your last reaccreditation.
  • Provide details of a referee (a member of the judiciary, legal adviser to the Family Proceedings Court, or a family justice professional from outside your firm, e.g. a solicitor or barrister with experience of your specialism) who has enough knowledge of your work to tell us whether you display an excellent standard of knowledge and experience in your specialist areas.
  • Provide us with permission to contact your referee – we verify at random the information you submit in your reaccreditation application.

An advice letter or jointly advised report submitted with identifying details will result in an automatic fail.

Word limits will be outlined in the papers you receive. If you exceed the word limit by more than 10% you will fail the assignment.