The benefits of accreditation

Our accreditation is a mark of excellence in practice, recognised by the public, fellow members, the judiciary and the Legal Aid Agency. It demonstrates to colleagues, your employer, future employers, and the public your outstanding level of skills and expertise.

Financial advisers who achieve Resolution Specialist Accreditation also become Members, rather than Associates, of Resolution.

Achieving Resolution Accreditation will:

  • Mark you out to potential clients as a trusted expert in your field.
  • Ensure you’re identified as a specialist on Resolution’s member search so potential clients can find you easily.
  • Give you access to promotional toolkit, including a logo and free leaflets, to help you market yourself and promote your expertise.
  • Demonstrate your professional development.

Accreditation as a Resolution Specialist, or successful completion of the Core Assignment, meets the legal knowledge element of the Legal Aid Supervisor requirements (Standard Civil Contract 2013 Family specification para 7.161). There is also a guaranteed minimum 15% enhancement for all cases paid by way of hourly rates. That is, cases that escape the fixed fee and work outside the scope of the fixed fee schemes (Standard Civil Contract 2013 Family specification para 7.23).