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Good Practice Guide

Good Practice Guide to Communication

The introduction, development and evolution of new methods of resolving family disputes for changing families means there is a need for us all to look at how we communicate as members of Resolution; with our clients, with other members, with our clients’ former partners if they are not represented by a lawyer, with other members of our clients’ families, with other non-member lawyers, barristers, judges, mediators and arbitrators and more widely within the family justice system. Poor communication accounts for the largest number of complaints received by Resolution.

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Guidance Notes

Guidance Note on Religion and Family Law

It goes without saying we all want to practice law and dispute resolution in a non-discriminatory and culturally sensitive way. Beliefs, values and institutions are often specific to ethnic, racial and religious groups. Being culturally competent is part of our professionalism. Without this awareness we are amateurs and risk being ineffective in meeting the needs of our clients and securing the solutions that are required long term.

The aim of this Guidance Note is to explore different values and practices, and in doing so, to help you improve the experience of your clients in whatever process you practice, in respect of their faith, culture and belief.

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